What do you mean by unlimited Photos?

For the complete duration of our time at your event you and your guests can use our booth as often as you would like.

Does the delivery and set up count as part of my package hours?

Never, Our attendant will have the photo booth up and running for the complete duration that your package includes.

What if my guest and I are having a great time and we want you to keep the Photo Booth running over my package hours?

No problem, our attendant will gladly stay to let the fun continue. Our rate for this service is $150/hr

What is the attendant for?

Our attendant is there to explain to you and your guests how the photo booth works and to answer any questions you or your guests may have.  In addition our attendant is there to encourage your guests to get involved and have a great time, all while tending to the photo booth to replace supplies and ensure everything is working correctly.

What do you mean by custom template?

Prior to your event we will work with you to design a template or background for your printouts, we will customize them to be unique for your event.

How long will it take to get my pictures?

Our Extreme photo printer will print out both photo strips in seconds so you and your guests can enjoy them right away?

How much Space is needed for the photo Booth?

Our enclosed booth only needs a 6’X6’ space

Our open air booth only requires a 3’X3’ space and room for a backdrop. The backdrop stands take up about 2’ with a curtain spanning 10’ Note the backdrop could be placed against a wall to save space if needed.

Our Extreme inflatable booth requires at least a 12’X12’ square.

All booths require a power outlet, and a small area for our props, usually a 6’ table.

Can I give my guests the option for Black and white photos?

Yes, we can customize the booth before your event and you and your guests can choose color or black and white before the shoot begins.

What are the higher resolution options?

We will set our camera to the highest resolution (..) After your event we will upload all pictures and photo strips to our secure website. From there we offer 2 options, One option allows you or your guests to download any pictures or photo strips you want at no additional cost, with this option you have full rights to do anything you want with them. Our 2nd option allows you or your guests to login to our website and purchase any additional pictures or photo strips with optional sizes at a competitive price.